Tuesday, January 29, 2013

"What's a Grit?"

Today is co-op day with my homeschool group, which means I get to drive up to a church, drop off my kids for someone else to teach for a couple of hours, and I get to drive away.  I have already gone to library and to buy some groceries, put some beans on for supper, and get to type and read emails uninterrupted for a little while.

Even before I loaded them all up after lunch, I knew that there was a possibility that it was going to be an extra good couple of hours, thanks to actually fixing the boys lunch today instead of letting them fend for themselves.  They each agreed on grits and peaches (in separate bowls, not mixed together).  There was a mini moment of panic until I located a box of grits on the top shelf that my husband had stashed them in when he had a couple of weeks off and was 'helping' me get organized.

Yay!  Found them!

I reached up to get them from the top shelf, and was greeted by the most amazing of sights---

Healthy, organic-ish 'M&Ms'!

Now, I couldn't tell if it was an empty bag or not, but I wasn't about to bring it down for the boys to find and devour.  So, I waited until after drop off, got the bag down, and found this---

YES!  Not too, too many, but enough to satisfy a chocolate craving.  And they are mine.  All mine.  Or, rather, they WERE mine, and they were mighty yummy.  And the best thing is that there is no wheat in them, unless carnauba wax contains wheat, and I am not about to google it to find out.  I guess my thumb will tell me soon enough.