Sunday, October 14, 2012

"How does that make you feel?"

For quite a while now, I have been licensed by my state to provide therapy to people who would be willing to pay me, either with insurance or out of pocket.  I have an advanced degree and attend continuing education programs to keep this privilege legal and current.  I know a lot of 'stuff', and have a lot of insight into why people act the way the do, as well as some strategies that could possibly help them.  My degree gives me the chance to work in all kinds of settings, with therapy being just one of them.

However, the older I get, it becomes more and more apparent why I probably would not make a very good personal therapist.  And I have finally found the perfect video that explains why.


Click here to view video.  Seriously, just do it.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

I Definitely Prefer the New Stash--AKA, the chemo bag

Tonight Harrison had an overnight event to attend.  He needed a small bag to carry his stuff in.  All of the regular bags for situations like this were MIA, so I grabbed the only bag I could find that wasn't plastic and didn't say Walmart or Target on it:  the chemo bag.

The chemo bag is a necessity to have when you have regularly scheduled or anticipated hospital stays.  We had been told early on in the treatment process that we would need to keep one stocked and handy, but I blew it off.  For the first hospitalization only.  After that, it lived behind the bathroom door between hospital visits.  It has been untouched for over 5 months.  Until tonight when I quickly dumped it out on my bed to make room for the current necessities like deodorant and a toothbrush (not the baby soft kind he needed during chemo/mouth sores).

This was the old stash--

--Regular strength Tylenol--for Harrison if the nurses didn't bring his pain meds quickly enough.  I got chewed out about this by his doctor early on, and didn't give it to him during hospitalizations again.  But I did keep it in there--just in case.

--All natural odor beads that eventually evaporate--to stave away the hospital funk.

--Organic hand soap, sanitizer and lotion--those frequent hand washings were rough on hands.

--a non-plastic spoon

--Prayer Barbie


--little bottles of organic hand sanitizer that Harrison used--unscented.  We ended up with multiple bottles because it was very stressful for him when we ran out of it.

--lip balm -- his and mine

--toothbrush and toothpaste -- his and mine

--sticky notes -- multiple uses, but mainly to label our personal items in the family room fridge

--the chemo notebook -- where I took notes on every weight, time, and measurement for months

--Peroxyl -- a mouth sore rinse that didn't make him vomit

--the blue rubber glove that housed the soap that Darren used every morning for his showers (he pulled almost every night duty)

--three pens -- I kept losing them

--the cancer beads - this deserves it own post soon

--Melatonin -- to help us sleep occasionally

--a CD I meant to give to another family, but they were discharged and I haven't seen them since.

Absent, but not forgotten - a roll of Charmin toilet paper (as opposed to the John Wayne toilet paper that the hospital stocked), Puffs Plus kleenex - unscented, soft paper towels, a regular towel and wash cloth, a microwaveable bowl.

It is hard to believe in has been months since we used this stuff.  And I pray we never will again.

Some pictures from that time--

The first day of chemo

Right after getting his head shaved - Super Bowl Sunday

Love that serendipitous Dwight Schrute quote in the background

Yep--too much awesome

And recently--

The two of us at a painting class.  He is just a wee bit taller than I am.

Getting his hair and color back

Tubing at Dalewood, behind the same boat I grew up with

Navigating the sand unassisted and with a new femur

I hate cancer.