Monday, September 3, 2012

Today's Mini-Rant

One of my Facebook friends posted this status last night:

I hate cancer.  It takes away so much.  That is all.

Simple status.  One that seems so easy to agree with, whether you click that 'like' button or not. A no-brainer, so to speak.

But, apparently not for everyone.

Two of her friends (that I don't know) posted comments about how they disagree, and how cancer gives so much more than it takes, like an appreciation for life and the days you do have.


I suppose on a philosophical, existential level, they might be right.  But the here-and-now part of me wanted to JUST. GO. OFF.  And I am not the going off kind of person.

I wonder if those folks are dealing with cancer.  Or have had to sign a consent form agreeing to have any future grandbabies obliterated.  Or had to stand beside their person's graveside.

Maybe they have.  Maybe they are at a higher place than I am.  I don't know.

I do know this--I hate cancer.  It takes away so much.

That is all.