Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Harrison's List

Early tomorrow morning, Harrison will be going in for surgery to remove two cancerous spots from his lungs.  It will be an extensive operation, and we are already so very tired.

However, we have not just been sitting around for the past couple of weeks since we found out that the cancer had returned feeling too distressed or overwhelmed.  Those pain free hours have just been too precious for all of us, and we have been trying to get some fun in along the way. 

Getting a family picture made with Harrison's #inthefight shirts.  You know, like we are fighting cancer.

 Today a group of high schoolers came over to watch the newest Veggie Tales DVD, which isn't available in stores until next week (but I have an advance review copy--review and giveaway next week).  I wish you could have heard the laughter coming out of that room, as about 15 of his friends watched memories of their childhoods, and I was so pleased to have them here, lifting his spirits.

I also fit in the 'answering of the questions' that I mentioned a few days ago.  The other two will get their list on here soon, but here are Harrison's answers--

My favorite music - Rock, Dubstep, Anything except country
 and books - Bible, Harry Potter, various fan fiction
 movies - Avengers, Dark Knight, Braveheart (with eyes covered during 'that' scene)
 days - Saturday and Sunday
 places - His room, The Venue (church), Dogwood, Kansas City
 sayings - Stupid is as stupid does.  If at first you don't succeed, then skydiving is not for you.
 verses - Phillipians 4:13, Ezekiel 23:20
 teams - KU Jayhawks, Team Jacob (lol), Wonderbots (?)
 colors - orange, black and red
 animals - dinosaurs, playtpus, thestrals, magic ponies

And then there were two pages called "The Future 'Me' I want to Be", with categories like:

Books I want to read - The big book from Time Warp Trio, more Harry Potter books
Places I want to go - Austrialia, Europe, the moon, Hollywood, cruises
Topics I want to investigate - how venus flytraps work, conspiracy theories
Things I want to do - go skydiving, skiing/tubing, be an actor, make people happy, fly (Hmm, all 3 boys separately said that one)
Talents I want to develop - bagpipes, animations, do impersonations, getting rid of chemo brain
People I want to meet - Froggy Fresh (formerly the rapper known as Krispy Kreme), Weird Al, Psych actors
Random acts of kindness I want to bestow - draw pictures for kid's at the hosptial, cheer people up when they are down
Adventures I want to have - go to a different dimension, or visit Middle Earth with none of the bad guys there, catch all 151 original Pokemon (?)
Things I want to learn - all the knowledge needed to win a big game show, why some people are just hateful all of the time and are never happy, how to understand women (HA!--good luck with that, son)

We'll be working on getting some of that second list worked in after he recuperates some.  Well, except with the understanding women part.  And the whole Middle Earth thing.

This is a video he made for his YouTube subscribers.  He would love it if you would watch, and then give him a like, or thumbs up, or whatever they do there.  It ups his street cred, or something like that.

Click here for video

And if you are a pray-er, we sure would appreciate any and all you might think to send up for us.  I'll update soonish.

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