Friday, April 6, 2012

Some Fridays are Gooder than Others

Today is Good Friday, the day that Christians recognize as the day Jesus was crucified on a Roman cross at the request of his fellow Jews.  It is a story that is a little difficult to place in the context of what the people involved must have been thinking or feeling at the time it happened.  People who celebrate this day now have the benefit of hindsight.  We know how it turned out.  None of those folks around then did know it, though.

I've been poking around the Internet today, looking for something that presents this story in a new way.  I decided on a presentation by the Skit Guys, who always do such a good job of putting stuff like this together.  This video is a little longer than usual--about 9 minutes--but if you have the time, it might just be  a good way to refocus on the meaning of the day.

Good Friday
Good Friday by the Skit Guys

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