Thursday, April 5, 2012

And I STILL miss Lorelai Gilmore

A quick newsfeed search this afternoon told me that last night was the series finale of the show One Tree Hill.  Since we are back in the hospital for a few days and I have hours of time to kill, I decided to find the episode online and watch it.

I first discovered OTH by accident, about 6 years ago now.  For some reason, I was flipping through the channels one night and caught most of an episode that was dealing with the aftermath of a high school student having released a video time capsule that no one thought they would ever see again.  As a result, one of the other students had brought a gun to school, fired some shots, and was holding some students hostage.  As a person who had worked with and taught teenagers for years, I was struck by the 'realness' of the episode.  I was sucked into their drama filled high school and felt something for those kids.

It turned out that this episode was probably the defining episode of the series.  It ended with the shooter committing suicide, and one of the main adult characters shooting and killing his older brother.  I was hooked.  Who were these characters, and what was their story?  These were the early days of Netflix, and when YouTube had full episodes available the next day, so I was able to catch up on the series pretty quickly.

I won't bore anyone with the details--either you know the show and its characters, or you don't and could care less about even finishing this post.  However, I thought Dan Scott was one of the most interesting TV characters I had ever seen.  He was a complete narcissist and a terrible husband and father (and obviously brother), and his scenes were the ones that interested me the most.  Why did he hate his brother?  Why was he so tough on one son and so negligent of the other?  Television drama at its finest most intriguing.  Sure, the teenagers had much more freedom than should ever be allowed, and some of the dialogue was definitely too introspective--although not as bad as Dawson's Creek--but I loved Lucas's voiceovers at the end.  Just call me cheesy that way.  I never could get my husband to watch it with me, but he happened to be passing through the room during that episode when that dog ate Dan's heart (I guess you had to be there), and thought it was WAY over the top.  But to me it was so fitting.  Anyway...

I pretty much stopped watching several seasons ago, after Lucas and Peyton left (I loved the dynamic between Lucas/Nate and Lucas/Haley).  It lost its appeal and life got too busy to watch much TV anymore.  So, I tuned in to that final episode this afternoon more out of curiosity than closure.  I am a huge fan of closure when TV series go off the air.  I still have issues with how The Pretender ended.  That show had WAY too much back story and I had invested way too many brain cells into trying to figure it all out, and they go and end it with a train explosion cliffhanger?  And Gilmore Girls was OK enough of an ending, but still a little sketchy.

So, this one today was one of the best series finales I have ever seen.  There was one story line that I knew nothing about, but the entire episode seemed like a shout out to old school fans and watchers.  One of the key stories was even referenced that first episode I ever saw.  The scenes and the music and the characters ended well.

I can definitely think of worse ways to waste an hour of time, especially when that chemo is dripping on down.

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