Saturday, March 24, 2012


There is a strange reality about cancer.  After the initial diagnosis and round of tests, there is a period of time where you blindly follow the doctor's lead of treatment options for a certain amount of time, and then you are re-tested at some point to see if the poison/burning has actually done any good.  We are not at that point yet--Harrison still has 2 more rounds of chemo before his next round of scans and surgery before we know if the chemo is working or if the cancer has spread.  We are in treatment mode, and not in hopeful/dread mode.  For now--we know that our time is coming in the next few weeks.

But for 3 new cancer friends of mine, this was the BIG week.  They have finished one of their big steps of treatment, and have been scanned, or x-rayed, or prodded.  Only one has gotten their results back, and for now, things look good.  He has leukemia, which is an automatic 3 year protocol, with several stages that must get the good report along the way.  But for him and his family, this is obviously a great relief.  Several less injections and pills he has to take for a while.

Two of my other friends had their scans at the end of the week, and both were supposed to get the results ASAP.  They still haven't heard anything.  It is a Saturday now, so of course nothing will be known until at least Monday morning.  Over six months of waiting to get to this point, and now they wait a little longer because someone didn't read their scans before they got off work on Friday.  Obviously, that person has never had to wait by the phone on pins and needles to get that report of their own, or they would be sitting by that scan machine waiting to pass on that news in real time.  My heart goes out to these folks, and hope they get their own 'all clear' quickly-ish.

Then there is my bloggy friend who has finished up her treatment, but her doctor doesn't recommend any scans for a while.  Wow--I can't imagine that either.  After going through months of chemo and radiation, now she waits.  I am sure that doctor knows what he is doing, and maybe ignorance is the best mindset to have right now.  She will go on living with the assumption that she is also all clear, and hopefully live 50+ more cancer free years.

Every person and family with cancer has their own stories, of both good reports and bad reports.  The sad, sad fact is that sometimes, the best treatment in the world doesn't stop its relentless spread.  But sometimes it does.

We are hoping and praying for a good report when our time comes.  For now, we do what we can, and we wait..

And while we are waiting, we just keep on living.

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