Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What would YOU wish for?


Remember how I used to be gifted?  And how I was able to take really fun classes that didn't have tests or grades with other lucky students that were natural test takers, and that just didn't seem right?  Oh, the educational bliss of the 70's....

Anyway, one of our unit studies in the 6th grade was on Ancient Greece.  We spent six weeks studying the food, and the mythology, and the Olympics, and the culture of that Meditteranian land.  We looked at pictures on one of those new fangled slide projectors--the ones that you could see the dust in the air when the screen was blank,
and it would get stuck every now and then, and then the whole thing would run hot so we just read for the rest of the class because the teacher didn't have anything else planned for that day.  And oh, what beautiful pictures they were.

Have you ever seen pictures of the coastland of present day Greece?  Oh. My. Goodness.  I am not sure that color blue exists anywhere else in the world.  I decided right then and there that one day, I would see those places for myself.  That was over 30 years ago, and it remains at the top of my bucket list.  I was naive enough at the time to think that I would surely get there before I was 30 and too old to enjoy it.  Now, I am pushing for 50-55ish, and hopefully before I have to buy myself a new pair of knees.  I don't have a definite itinerary, but there is this 14 day cruise that takes people to a different island each night...

While never completely out of my thoughts, this idea has been more in the forefront lately thanks to this whole cancer thing.  Harrison was just informed yesterday that he has been approved for a 'wish' with the Make-A-
Wish Foundation.  I've heard about this organization before, but thought it was only for kids who have a terminal diagnosis.  It turns out that just having a potentially life threatening diagnosis and being under 18 is all that is required (you know, something simple like that).  So, now it is his turn to dream.  He has to come up with his top two choices, and it is pretty much a done deal.  They haven't given any monetary limits, but I am sure they exist somewhere.  They have said that a person can't get any room additions to their homes, or any vehicles.  He has considered a European cruise (I have trained him well), or a trip to Hawaii or Australia.  Or maybe a Best Buy/Game Stop shopping spree.  He can't travel well for a while, at least until his leg is rebuilt and functional again, and a year of chemo will drain all his energy and immunity, so we shall see.  I am trying not to influence his decision.  This is HIS once in a lifetime wish, one that he will tell his great-grandchildren about one day.  It should be fun to watch.


It would be a whole lot more fun to watch from the deck of a ship that is sailing through that amazing blue water, though...

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