Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Toilet Paper Trumps Roses (Tokens of Love)


Valentine's Day is one of those interesting days to read through my Facebook feed.  The range of posts and emotions runs the gamut, from multiple pictures of pretty/yummy/thoughtful/expensive presents to my single friends posting anti-Valentine's Day posts and down-on-love videos.  Then there are those who post pictures of their cute kids with their cute outfits and the cute craft like foods/cards/beadwork things they made for their kiddos.

I am pretty much just a Valentine's Day observer myself, making token gestures to my kids and maybe my husband.  I used to worry that I wasn't modeling good Valentine's behavior for my boys, and that their wives would blame me one day for their lack of romantic participation in this holiday.  OK, maybe 'worry' is too strong a word. I am reframing it as I am teaching them to be good love-ers every day, and not to rely on some store bought token to convey that only once a year.  If that doesn't work, then by that time they will be out of my house, and can take it up with their therapist on their own dime.

And speaking of dimes, this family has been living paycheck to paycheck since I quit my job years ago to stay home with the boys.  If my husband came home with ANYTHING out of the ordinary for Valentine's Day, then I would know that he put it on the credit card, which is not worth any special warm fuzzies that might accompany said gift.  I would be like, "Do you know how much paper towels and soap we could buy with whatever those flowers cost?".  I wouldn't say that, but I would probably be thinking it.  Forget not squeezing the Charmin, we sometimes have to ration it if it is too close to payday.  "No, John, you can't use 4 squares today--only 2 1/2!".  Just kidding...sorta.

So, I have spent my limited down time today looking at the latest Valentine related videos from the Skit Guys.  I post their stuff a lot, but they always make me smile or think.  Here are a few of my favorites from this year--only a few minutes each.

All Wives Want for Valentine’s Day
All Wives Want For Valentine's Day

Killer Marriage Tips
Killer Marriage Tips

needHarmony: Definition of Love
NeedHarmony:Definition of Love

Check the Box
Check the Box

Whatever your take on Valentine's Day, and whatever life is throwing at you right now, I hope your day brings blessings your way, or that you are reminded of the blessings you already have.  Even if they aren't wrapped in pretty red paper.

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