Sunday, February 12, 2012

Becoming a Plus-sized Woman Overnight

A few random thoughts on this week in pop culture:

Mr first WH album - on cassette

Whitney Houston died yesterday.  The cause of death hasn't been released yet, but this hasn't stopped people all over the Internet from making all kinds of speculations and posting their opinions.  I have only read through a couple of news posts on this, but people sure can be mean and nasty.  Was it drugs, or suicide, or Bobby related, or accidental, or...whatever...?  Why does this even matter to the public at large, or anyone for that matter that isn't somehow personally related to her?  I've been thinking about her poor mama, who has been Whitney's champion and probably her biggest prayer warrior for years--(Cissy Houston can SANG!).   I will remember Whitney Houston as a beautiful lady and amazing singer, one that brought me a lot of smiles over the years.

--The Vow -- new movie release this weekend.  This is the chick flick men all over will be forced to attend as part of their Valentine's Day sacrifices.  Poor, poor men.  Based on a true story, it tells of a woman who was in an accident and lost her memory and doesn't remember her husband, but he refuses to leave her.  I haven't seen it, but probably will at some point--without my husband in tow.  That is my Valentine's Day present to him. Total weep-fest, I'm sure.

--Star Wars, Episode 1 - 3D re-release -- as if George Lucas hasn't milked that cash cow enough, I will now be expected to fork out matinee prices (plus $3.50 for the collector's edition glasses) for 3 boys for the next 6 years, for movies that they have seen multiple times on DVD.  I fell asleep during our show.  Twice.  Totally worth that $9 for a little uninterrupted rest.

--Republican primaries -- I can't stand following them this go round. The GOP appears to be on the verge of total implosion.

--Super Bowl -- The New York Giants won.  I sure wish I could say that the New Orleans Saints won, but maybe next year--it will be played at the Super Dome, and could be the first time a team has played on their own field for the Super Bowl. 

--Greece -- folks over there are going crazy and revolting against the government, with potential 'catastrophic consequences' if something isn't done this week.  I would be most appreciative if they would hold off on their implosion until I can make my bucket list trip there one day.  Thanks so much.

--Size 12 is apparently the new plus size for women's fashion--Oh, really?  Well, thanks for your input, fashion industry.  Now I feel super special.  #not-letting-a-number-define-me

--Valentine's Day this week -- I'm hoping to get the chance to get my thoughts on that whole exploited day down in writing.  Short summary?  It is an over-hyped day designed to make money for the industry and heartache for those with or without sweeties.  I plan on spending my Valentine's Day sitting next to my son as he is getting poison pumped into his body, one drop at a time, in the form of chemo, and waiting for my husband to come and relieve me so I can go home and tuck my other two into bed.

Now, that's what I call love.

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