Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sticks and Stones and Words That Hurt

Right now Harrison is in a hospital recovery room, having had his second surgery in less than a week.  This first one was a bone biopsy on his leg, and this one was to place a chemo port in his chest.  I had never even heard of a chemo port until a couple of weeks ago.

A couple of weeks ago---

A lot sure can change in two weeks.  It was two weeks ago to the day that Harrison had a MRI and the doctor called with the news--probable cancer.  Since then we have four different doctors and had five different tests, and have learned about and discussed words that were not previously part of our everyday vocabulary.  Words like--

  Osteo-sarcoma              port placement               PET scan                               bone scan

            mortality rates                     lesions                 metastasize              hematology

        oncology             leg brace              bone erosion            pathology         liver enzymes

           cadaver bones               Oxycodone               baldness                  audiology tests


And the list goes on and on....

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We are in a place and time where things are being dictated to us--places to be and times to be there.  What to eat and when not to drink.  What to wear and how to change wound dressings.

And this is just the beginning.  I have no doubt there will be many more words we will learn and come to despise.

But in the midst of it all there are the good words, too.

                      Prayer                             Hope                   Encouragement                        Faith

                                  Family                      Love                     Fight                     Healing

These are the words we will cling to.  They are the ones that will take us through this crazy time of chaos and uncertainty.                 

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