Monday, January 16, 2012

Prayer Barbie (With Special Thanks to Al Gore)

Facebook (and by extension, the Internet) is an amazing thing.  How else could Susan, an old friend from college (over 20 years ago now--wow...), know that Harrison was going to be spending the night last week at the Children's Hospital that sits between the city where she lives and the city where I live?  If she didn't know that, then she would not have come up to the hospital to visit, and if she hadn't visited, then she wouldn't have left a huge box of goodies for all of us to enjoy.  It was like Easter and Halloween on steroids--full of chocolate, and no fillers like generic hard candy and grandma mints (you know, the ones that are pastel squares that melt into a goop as soon as they get in your mouth).  And if she hadn't left that box, then I wouldn't have this amazing story....

I didn't even notice the box until Harrison had been home for a day or so.  I thought it was just an empty container that was waiting to be packed up with our Christmas decorations.  When I finally opened it, I saw all the goodies, and tucked into the side, next to the Hershey bars and Reese's cups, was a little bitty doll, just a few inches tall.  My husband said that Susan's daughter, S.A., must have left it during their visit.

Well, I sent Susan a message, letting her know that I had S.A.'s doll and that I would mail it to her.  I didn't want S.A. stressing about her lost doll for very long.  Susan messaged me back, saying that explained a lot.  She had been asking S.A. where her Barbie was, and the only thing she could get out of S.A. (who is 3 years old) was that her doll was "praying in the box".

Prayer Barbie

Oh. My. Goodness.

That precious little girl had gone in at some point and left her favorite toy of the day in a box of yummy goodness, so that the doll could pray for Harrison while he was in the hospital.  What an awesome, simple childlike gesture of faith.  S.A.'s offering has now been dubbed 'Prayer Barbie" in our household, and will occupy a place of honor in my unofficial hospital bag that travels with us from appointment to appointment. We will no doubt experience many other similar selfless offers and tokens in the future, but this one will forever be known as the first one, all thanks to little S.A.

Update--2016--Harrison just got married to his own precious girl.  It looks like S.A. has probably just made the short list for boy 2 or boy 3.  A mom can't get started too early on this type of thing...

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