Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Post Where Everything Has Changed

I like to read other people's blogs.  This usually means I am reading posts by people I don't know, since most of the people I do know don't blog (or I don't know about it).  I don't spend time googling and finding blogs, but I usually stumble upon them through Facebook.  These are the ones that are promoted by various Facebook pages I have 'liked', or shared by friends who like what this random person has to say on that particular day.  If I like the initial post, I will normally read a few of their previous posts.  If they keep my interest up, I will generally 'follow' them (meaning that I can click a button and their newest posts will be automatically sent to my inbox to read later).

Some of the most interesting blogs are the ones that have a definite "Before and After" focus to them.  These are the ones that no one would know about if THE BIG THING hadn't happened to them.  They may become famous or have won an award or blew up a building or have decided to run for some office.  Or, there was a big accident, or tragedy, or diagnosis.  The ones that take your breath away and make you sad, or hopeful, or grateful, or...whatever.  These are the blogs that may have had cute pictures or video clips or stupid quotes BEFORE, but then comes the AFTER.  Both paint a picture of that person whose life has been interrupted.  This is my Life Interrupted post.

My 15 year old son has just been diagnosed with bone cancer.

Cancer  - a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad word.

I look back over my posts for the last year--posts that only a handful of people at best have ever read, which is just fine since the reason I blog is that it is a creative outlet for me.  I review books that require blog posting about them, I try to give random stuff away, I post links to fun/stupid videos that make me smile, and I capture moments.  Things that don't really matter or mean anything in the long run, but they will be something for my boys to look back on one day and possibly understand a little about what made me tick.

I don't know if more people will read these posts now or not.  There may be a little more traffic since it will be included on the Caring Bridge site.  I will definitely need an emotional outlet, and I don't yet know what form the posts to come will take.  If you have randomly stumbled upon my blog for some reason, I hope you will come away encouraged.

And my entire family would definitely appreciate any prayers you could send up for us.  We may not know what the future holds, but we know WHO holds the future.

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