Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Money tree is planted right next to the Juicy Fruit tree


Two really cool things happened yesterday that were attitude changers.

First off, I tried to go by the post office to buy some stamps to pay some bills.  There were no parking spaces, but I could see the line outside the main lobby doors.  I quickly decided to drive on over to Kroger, where I could pick up a few things and get stamps at the check out lane there.  I ended up getting things I didn't need immediately (and forgot the toilet paper and aluminum foil, which necessitated another quick store run later), and when I went to check out, the lady told me that they had just sold out of their stock of stamps.  For the entire store.  What?!?

Anyway, as I was leaving, I told the check out lady that I hoped people were extra nice to her today--which has become my standard parting line this month.  She then told me that one of her customers had just come by and handed her a gift card and told her to have a Merry Christmas.  It was obvious that the cashier was still in a happy semi-shock, and had been very blessed by this simple act of kindness.  I was blessed by it, too.  I had never even considered doing something like that--there is never any extra money left over at the end of the day--but I love the thought.  I will keep it on the back burner in case my money tree ever starts growing.

So, I ended up having to go to the post office anyway.  I parked a mile away and made my way to the back of the line (I was number 18 at that point).  I was somewhat encouraged by the fact that all 3 check-out lanes were open, which rarely ever happens.

The lines moved fairly quickly, considering most of the customers had multiple packages that needed to be tracked and insured. (Tell me again why the post office decided to remove those self serve stamp machines from the lobby?).  I was about half way through the line (and in the actual check-out room) when a little boy and his mom walked in and kind of stood to the side.  I didn't particularly notice them, other than thinking the boy looked cute in his fuzzy animal hat.  Then, after the next customer was finished, they unobtrusively walked up to the counter with a cardboard carrier of cups of hot chocolate from the coffee shop across the parking lot, as well as individual bags of muffins that the boy had decorated.  The mom announced to the workers that  this was just a small token of appreciation for all of their hard work and patience this time of year.  

Well, let me just tell you--it was like that scene from the Grinch, when his heart grew.  Ooh and ahhs were spoken all over that room, and the attitudes were immediately changed.  Thanks were spoken, and that mom and her cute little boy left.  It was quickly back to business as usual, with all the packages and stamps and all, but for a small group of us who just happened to be lucky enough to be in the lobby at that time, perspectives and attitudes were changed.

At least they were for me, anyway.

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