Saturday, September 3, 2011

"Why don't you go back to your double wide and FRY something!"

Just a few random thoughts for the day:

--There is a tropical storm heading this way.  It has stalled somewhat over New Orleans, and is causing major havoc with flooding.  I hate it for all those folks.  I have had this morbid fascination with going swimming in my childhood lake in pre-hurricane force winds since I was in elementary school.  Some big hurricane hit on the coast one year, and my older brother and his friends were able to go out on somebody's sailboat.  I wasn't allowed to tag along.  And now, three decades later, I still wish I could do it--riding along the white caps in the few hours before the lightning and rains come in.  Oh, well.  It is not therapy worthy or anything.  Just something I still wish I could do one day.

--I wish there was a Whole Foods grocery store in my area.  Or at least my state.

--I wish the stores in my area that do sell natural foods would make them reasonably priced.

--I wish more people in my area wanted to buy natural foods.  Then, maybe demand would lower the supply price.

--"Sweet Home Alabama" is on TV right now.  It is one of those shows I usually stop on when I am channel surfing.  So much fun to watch.

--According to my Facebook friends, college football is back.  This seems to be a very big deal.  I loved going to games when I was actually in college, but they hold no appeal whatsoever for me now.  The Saints, on the other hand...

--I'm pretty sure that whole empty nest thing is going to pass me on by.  Bring it on.

How is that for random?

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