Friday, September 2, 2011

And we knew who we were then...

Today's blog question:  How did you feel about returning to school at the end of the summer?

This one is easy enough.  I loved it.  I was smart enough, and popular enough, and outgoing enough (and apparently, also humble enough!) to do well in the school setting.  Since school didn't start at the beginning of August like it does around here now, it really did seem to symbolize the change in seasons.  I loved the ballgames, and blue jeans, and bus rides with friends.  School was not stressful at all for me, but more of a fun time to socialize.  Being a good enough memorizer and test taker took the frustration out of the actual school work.  This seemed to be the case with most of my friends. 

I do remember feeling sad for my classmates that did not thrive in that type of setting, though, whether it was academically or socially.  It was obvious that back to school for them meant back to purgutory.  I don't think that has changed very much over the years.  In a society and culture that values looks, money, smarts, and athletic abilities, school can be a dog eat dog world for those that don't measure up.  Yet another reason I have chosen to homeschool my kids.

But for me, back in the day?  Bring it on.  Plus, since we were home before 3:00, my friends and I could still put in a good hour or so of laying out time before we had to hurry home to get the house straightened up before momma got home.

(Singing out in my best Edith Bunker voice)--Those were the da-a-a-a-a-a-ys!

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