Tuesday, August 16, 2011

You just can't beat free - (Thank you, Ben Franklin)

Today's blog question:  Do you prefer to own books or borrow them from a friend or the library?

I have always loved books.  One of my earliest memories is of a friend of my mom's knocking on the door and giving her a bag of books that her kids had outgrown.  It was like Christmas that day.  And for most of my life, I have spent any extra money on my own books.  I have them on every flat surface of the house--bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living room, so that I can have something to read within reach when the urge hits.

One big difference now is that for the past several years, I have almost made a complete switch in my book reading habits.  Now, I try to borrow them from the library if at all possible.  Part of this is simple economics--they don't make you pay for the books at the library.  Another part is the whole clutter aspect.  A lifetime of books makes for a headache of clutter.  Plus, with the multiple moves we have had in the past few years, it has been harder and harder to get the same people to graciously volunteer their moving services when they remember the sheer volume of boxes we have containing nothing but books.  In fact, I have slowly but surely been donating or giving away books for a while now.  At first it went against everything in me to pass those books on, but now I see it as freeing.

Freeing up more space on the shelves for my newest obsession (free review books), that is

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