Thursday, August 18, 2011

Short Answer? The Scarlet Letter

Today's blog question:  What is the last book you read?

Well, like most book lovers, I seldom read just one book at a time.  I tend to be reading out of several books at any given time, unless there is a particular one that I want to read quickly from start to finish.  My next book like that is on its way from Amazon right now, which is book 2 in the MonsterGrrls series.  (This series was written by my old high school friend, John Rose.  Check his stuff out at the Monster Shop).

Since school is starting back up, I have to concentrate more of my reading time on my boys' school work.  Right now, I am reading Red Sails to Capri with the youngest, and The 13th Reality with the middle one.  My oldest is reading on his own, so I just finished reading the first book on his reading list, The Scarlet Letter.  I had never read this book, and found it to be bit of a challenge because of the writing style.  I don't think my son is going to like it very much, but I do want to discuss the main themes with him.  He asked me this morning if he could just watch the movie--"even one of those old gray (meaning black and white) movies if I have to".  My answer?  "You know this isn't public school".  Yes, apparently the bulk of the local high school's history, literature, and social studies classes are taught my Netflix.

I am also reading a review book called Mugabe and the White Africans.  It is a fascinating look at the 'leader' of Zimbabwe (in Africa), and his tyrannical rule. I had never heard of him, or that country's story.  I'll have that review up next week.

So, what are you reading right now?  Really, I'm curious...

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