Saturday, August 20, 2011

Attitude Check

Last night I was cutting a bell pepper and sliced into my thumb.  It bled, and hurt(s), a lot.  After several minutes of dealing with that--hot running water, ice cube compression, and a tightly placed band-aid thanks to my dad--I went on with the whole process of getting ready to grill out.  Only, everything had to be modified in a way that was less effective.  It is just harder to dice, slice, and chop without use of a thumb.

As I was trying to wash the dishes later without getting my thumb wet, I was mentally taken back to the months after my car wreck over a year ago.  While the bulk of my mental and physical energy was spent on dealing with my broken knees and leg braces and everything else associated with that, I also had to deal with a fracture in my left hand that required a finger to elbow cast.  It was not as 'major' in the medical sense, but caused me all manner of problems with my rehab.  The entire process of moving and going to the bathroom and giving myself sponge baths for a couple of months, and everything else for that matter, would have been exponentially easier if I had been about to use the left side.  But I couldn't, so I learned to adapt, and am still dealing with the structural consequences today.

So, last night, I was faced with the same choice I have had to make every day now:  do I get angry and have a pity party, or do I just go on doing my thing as well as I can?  If there is one thing I have learned from all this, it is that I may not can control what happens to me, but I can control my attitude about it all (after I weaned my self off those pesky pain meds, that is).

Because, regardless of how I feel about it, those dishes aren't going to just wash themselves.

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