Thursday, June 16, 2011

Now I know why the Mob would crush people's knees...

I just read a blog post from a person I had never even heard of until today.  Ashleigh Burroughs was one of the people shot in Arizona alongside Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords a few months ago.  It was a sad and senseless tragedy, and her life will forever be different because of it.  She wrote about how something that used to be a mindless task - sitting down - now requires so much more energy and body mechanics that she could ever have imagined.  Her issue is with her hip.  Mine is with my knees.  Although my patellas are structurally 'healed' (they grew back together at the point of fracture), my knees and legs no longer work correctly.  They only bend about halfway, and they constantly hurt.  This affects every movement I make. This is not likely to improve any more.

I think that is why I appreciated her post so much.  I am not the only one facing life 'as it is now, and not how it used to be', and for some reason just being reminded of that makes my day a little brighter.

You can read Ashleigh's post entitled  "Sitting Through Jared Loughner's Competency Hearing"  here.

(I just read another of her posts that captures the essence of going through rehab.  I think I really like this Ashleigh Burroughs).

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