Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Losing It - Spin Class

Sixteen months ago I was in a car wreck, which broke both of my knees and a bone in my left hand.  I had been training to walk a half marathon and had just walked six miles that morning.  I was in the hospital for a month, and went to therapy for months after that.  For the first few months, I lost quite a bit of weight, since I couldn't get up to get food for myself and didn't want to bother my family with it.  (They would have gladly brought me some, though).  I can get around and cook again now, but I rarely eat anything more than a slice of bread or some chips.  However, I keep steadily gaining weight.  It is most definitely not based on caloric intake, so my metabolism must be totally shot.  I go to the gym several times a week, but it is more working on my knees instead of overall/cardio work.

Well, I have now gained 26 pounds since the wreck, and none of my clothes fit.  I have bought one pair of larger pants, but that is it.  I have decided that something has got to give.  I am not sure how I will do this, since it is not about food and I can't move very quickly, but it is going to happen.  I have been walking more around my neighborhood in the past couple of weeks, since it is finally warming up some.  I decided to try something new today, that I never even did before when all of my body parts worked correctly - spin class.

For those of you who don't know, spin class is a stationery bike aerobics class set to music, led by insane masochists.  My husband loves it, but it was always too much for me.  Until today.  I held no illusions that I would be able to keep up with the others, but my goal was to stay on the seat for at least half the time and make slow revolutions with my feet.  This is something that I have worked on for months in the gym, and can finally bike slowly on those bikes that lean back and have nice, normal seats (and a TV screen).

I found a morning class that fit my schedule and showed up a little early to be fitted on the seat.  Apparently this is important.  I introduced myself to teeny-tiny, cutely dressed instructor, and she tried to get me situated.  Unfortunately, no matter where she moved the seat, my left knee would not make the full turn.  So, I had to leave before I even started.  She didn't seen too concerned or torn up about it (for another post:  why aren't fitness centers more understanding and accomodating to those who are not in perfect shape?).  I almost left the gym, but ended up trying my luck on a bike in the open workout area that was closer in style to the spin bikes.  This meant a regular bicycle seat.  Have you sat on one of these lately?  I was able to make full revolutions, but my rear end was very uncomfortable.  I even made a few turns standing up (a regular part of the spin routine), which was a post-therapy first for me.

I decided then and there that somehow I am going to make it back into that spin class, and will work my way up to it being a full workout.  I would most definitely lose weight that way.  I just have to somehow convince my knees to cooperate.  We'll see.  In the meantime, I've got to lose this some of this weight.

I'll think about ways to do that as I go now and find a big ice pack to sit on for a while.  Ouch.

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