Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Flowers, dancing, and all things green

Things have been pretty 'blah' around here lately.  Not bad, just blah.  There is just an average routine to my days that seem to revolve around cooking, cleaning and disciplining kids.  I know this is the reality for most people, and I don't dwell on it, but it is easy to just stay in a rut and have any semblance of fun drain away.

I think this is one reason I seem to be so much more excited about spring coming this year.  I've always hated cold weather, but this year the winter season has just seemed to drag on and on.  The reappearance of wildflowers and budding trees excites me to no end.  In my mind I envision the flower beds and vegetable plant that will never become a reality, but make me smile just the same.  I think about the promise of summer and precious hours spent at the lake.  Maybe the kids will spend more time outdoors than inside arguing (although this just means they will be arguing outside instead).

I'm so thankful for this season that comes every year.  It is a reminder that the cold/bitter times don't last forever.  While I'm waiting though, I think I need to sign off and go do my favorite 'blah-busting' activity--turn up some music and dance!

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