Friday, February 4, 2011

Pharoah, Pharoah--Ooh, Ooh--Let My People Go

For the past 11 days, protesters have flooded the streets throughout Egypt in an attempt to get their leader, Mr. Mubarak, to step down.  To be honest, I don't know much about Mr. Mubarak or how he leads.  This is what I've gathered from various news sources:

--He has been the leader there for 30 years.

--Apparently he is elected each cycle, but probably totally rigs the ballot boxes.

--He runs the police services with an iron fist and is considered by many to be a dictator.

--He is considered an American ally because he allows military training and keeps some type of control over Islamic radicals.

--He says he won't step down until his term ends in September because the void would be too volatile.

I honestly don't know the political ramifications of all of this.  I do know that I have been intrigued by how it is all playing out.  Mubarak cut off all internet and cell phone service for several days when it became apparent to the Egyptian citizens were using Facebook and twitter to organize protests.  He is presently blaming outside media sources for blowing all of the protests out of proportion.  Media outlets and reporters are being targeted and beaten (severely) for simply reporting on the issues.  Yet still the people go out and risk bodily injury and imprisonment for the hope of something different.  They really believe they can make a difference.

Time will tell how all of this plays out and what it means on the world stage.  In the meantime I will keep watching and praying for God's guidance and safety in this area of the world where He has done some of His mightiest works in the past.

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