Thursday, January 13, 2011

Flight Lessons, Anyone?

Over the past year or so I have spent many hours with various medical personnel in my quest to improve my mobility.  This morning was no exception, and I had a session with a therapist that I have been working with for about three months.  Everything was going along about the same as usual, when he made a comment about needing to return a call to a flight instructor to set up his first flying lesson.  Now, that is not something I hear people say very often, so I thought it was definitely worth some follow-up questions.  Like, is this something you've always wanted to do?  This led to an extremely interesting hour where he did most of the talking, and I learned things like:

--the world is 80% likely to end on December 21, 2012 (which is a Friday, by the way).

--It is all part of an 11,000 year repeating cycle where the poles reverse because of an increase in solar flares.  This would have explained the flood Noah experienced.

--He checks a website daily that chronicles the latest cataclysmic (sp?) natural disaster.  There were 6 listed this morning.  This doesn't include the birds, crickets, bats and bees that are strangely dying in mid-flight.

--This ultimate 2012 event will wipe out 3/4 of the population immediately, but he and his family are already making preparations, by stocking up on rope, alternative energy sources, seeds, survival tools, etc.

--He will be spending the next two years putting in massive training exercises with his kids on how to build shelter and forage for food.  (They are under 7 years old).

It definitely wasn't a conversation I was expecting today.  I checked out the website.  Apparently, he is one of many who believe this.  As I was leaving him, he mentioned that as the time gets closer (he's known about this for several years), he is becoming more concerned and stressed about what all has to be done.  Yeah, I bet.  No amount of rope or knives would have me prepared to kill any animal to make clothes or build a house, even if I had more than 2 years to prepare.

However, I did walk away thinking about this--in one way or another, at some time or another, this life and this world as we know it will end.  What would I do differently if I thought my time on earth would end in 2012?  Or in 2 months?  Or 2 days?  I am guaranteed nothing, so I must make the most of every day.  Live with meaning and purpose.  Like Tim McGraw sings, I need to live like I am dying.  Forget about me riding any bull, though, whether it is named Foo-man-shu or not.

Oh, and the flight lessons?  That is so he and his family can travel to the other side of where the first of 3 massive tidal waves will start.  My family?  If it's like any other time we need to leave the house in a hurry, I'm sure we'll still be looking for someone's shoes when they have hit the coast of Timbuktu.

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