Sunday, January 2, 2011

Eve - a typical woman?

It'a a new year, and once again, I am beginning the process of reading through the Bible.  The beginning is harder some years than others, because I have the tendency to think 'been there, done that', particularly in Genesis.  I should know better than that by now--each reading brings something fresh and new.  Today just reinforced that.  I was reading Genesis 3, when the serpent came to Eve.  He asked a simple question, one that was almost word for word what God has said in Genesis 2.  Basically, did God really say you could not eat of the fruit of that tree?  Well, yes, that is what He said.  But, in answering that question, Eve embellished a little, adding that not only were they not to eat it.  They couldn't even touch it.

Now, I don't know if God actually said that last part or not.  I suppose He could have said that originally and like many things he said, it just didn't make it into Scripture.  But, assuming He didn't say they could not touch it, where was Eve coming from with that?  Did she really think that?  I mean, it probably was a good idea to stay away from it, to not be tempted, but was she bitter about that?  Resentful?  Longing?  Had she spent much time lamenting her boundaries, making it so much easier to for the serpent to give in to temptation?  I don't know.  I do know that she gave in, taking her man down with her.  I also know WAY too many women (and men) that are eaten up with the 'whys' of their life--Why did things have to turn out this way?  Why can't I have 'that', too?  Why don't they care and respect what I do?  Why do we never get to go to Disney World? And on and on.  What makes it even sadder is that so many who dwell on the whys and have nots are believers.  Christ followers who know they are loved and special and redeemed.  Yet they simmer and wonder why, and all the while miss out on the fullness of what all she could have been enjoying.

I am a daughter of Eve.  I pray I continue to learn from her mistakes, and never take the wisdom and new revelations of her story for granted.

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